The Best Beach on Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye, Belize is probably best known for it’s scuba diving, the Great Blue Hole, snorkeling, and tons of other water sports. It isn’t too well known for having great beaches. Have no fear, I know of one beautiful, hidden, away from the tourist crowd beach…it’s basically a secret. So secret the name is Secret Beach.

After you’ve had your fill of all the water sports one could ask for; go relax, take in that Caribbean sun, bring a drink (or five…I’m not judging) and head to Secret Beach.

Getting to Secret Beach

The best way to get to Secret Beach is to rent a golf cart for the day or if you are fancy you can go by boat. There are two docks if you travel by boat, ask around town for the best way to locate the beach by water.

Renting a Golf Cart

There are several shops in San Pedro that offer hourly/daily rentals. I think Meg and I paid around $80 for a day rental. The beach is a good 45 minute drive out of town. Make sure you have a full tank of gas because if you get stuck, your ass is walking back to town and there isn’t much out by Secret Beach in way of help. The roads/paths getting to the beach can get confusing. Ask your hotel or the golf cart rental shop for directions. Most locals will know how to get to the beach. It is on the opposite side of the island, so if they tell you something different say “poppycock!”

Golf Cart to Secret Beach
Meg & I heading to Secret Beach in the golf cart

The roads are BUMPY!

If you are staying in San Pedro (the main town on Ambergris Caye), you will know you are going the correct direction if you cross a small toll bridge, so make sure you have enough cash to cover the cost. I want to say it costs $10BZ round trip. About 5 minutes down the road the pavement turns into gravel….large gravel! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Arriving at Secret Beach

Upon arriving at Secret Beach you will probably think, “UGH, where is the sand?” This isn’t that kind of beach. There is a small strip of sand that runs along the shore. If you are looking to catch some rays out of the water I’d recommend laying out on one of the docks. There is a covered dock and an uncovered dock.

It’s the water that makes this beach amazing! Waist high, clear, aquamarine water stretches out for at least a football field along the shore and out to the sea. You can walk meters upon meters and still be able to touch the bottom. The smooth sandy bottom feels velvety between your toes.

Panoramic of Secret Beach

The Best Part of Secret Beach

Not many tourists know about it! We arrived at the beach around 11AM and didn’t see another soul for about 2 hours. By the time we left at 4PM there might have been 10 people total at the beach that day.

Swimming at Secret Beach
Swimming at Secret Beach, Meg in the background being a goober.

*I traveled during shoulder season in July, not sure how the crowds are during high season.

What Should You Bring?

1. Sunscreen

Do you want to turn into a lobster? I didn’t think so. Bring sunscreen and apply it often. If you are going to be out in the water all day you are going to need it.

2. H2O

Hyrdate, hydrate, hydrate! The one dock has shade, other than that not much shade at Secret Beach. If you plan on being in and out of the water all day make sure you drink up.

3. Floaties

This beach is the perfect place to lounge in a raft/floatie/tube all day. Tie it to the dock, crank up the boombox (do people still have these?), and enjoy the warm sun.

4. Snorkel Gear

Coral isn’t located near the shore, however the clear water is fun to explore. Small crabs scurry along the bottom between the sea grass (don’t worry…there isn’t much of this either). The deeper areas have coral, just depends how far you want to swim back to shore.

5. Lunch and Booze

There is one food shack at the edge of the beach serving beans, rice, chicken, and the like. You could also bring your own snacks and definitely bring your own drinks.

After hanging out at the beach all day make your way into town and stop at Palapa Bar and Grill. The bar has a great view of the ocean, an area for boats to dock, tubes to chill in (complete with a basket that will deliver your drinks to the water), island food, and fruity frozen cocktails.

Basically I need to go back, like now.


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