Kitty to City’s First Annual Holiday Letter

Kitty to City's First Annual Holiday Letter

Dear Family, Friends, and the random person that happens to come across my site,

What a year it has been!

Let’s talk about my babies

Kitty to City will be one at the end of this month! Wow has she grown; from struggling to figure out WordPress widgets, plugins, and themes to having her first few sponsored posts and an ever growing Snapchat audience. She even gets those fancy male member parts sent to her on the daily. What a special treat.  Kitty to City has tackled this blogging thing head on and plans to keep on delivering her humor and travel tips into 2017.

Snapchat-kitty to city
You know you want to add me!

Otto (my chocolate Chunk), continues to age well with only a splash of grey on his chin. He did have a minor incident in a snow drift where he decided to poop and get trapped. Imagine the horse from the Neverending Story when it gets stuck in the mud, this was Otto, only it was snow and I was the only who had to pull his butt out and then go in to the drift myself and find the poop. Otto spends his day as I wish I could, lounging on the couch and taking naps.

Otto 2016

As for me, 2016 was a year…

With everything going on in the world I am glad I can take a step back and reminisce about how much I’ve experienced and learned.

I threw up on a plane for the first and hopefully last time

The backstory…I had a week long trip to Newport Beach for my “actual” job. My flight back home was cancelled due to the airplane door not being able to close, so I got to stay an extra night in a roach motel, eat at a sketchy Mexican restaurant, and grab a morning flight back to Denver squished in the middle seat in steerage. All was going well until the Mexican food from the night before thought it would like to make a reappearance halfway through the flight. The good news, I managed to get it all of it into one of the little barf bags they provide on planes. Bad news, the poor dudes sitting next to me had to deal with the lingering smell of vomit for two more hours. Yay! Let’s hope that never happens again. I was also super embarrassed and put my eye mask on for the rest of the trip so no one would talk to me.

Newport Beach Sunset
Sunset in Newport Beach, CA

Got to see loads of manatees in Crystal River, Florida

Each year, a group of my friends and I like to take a trek to see our favorite sports team in action (this will have something to do with manatees in a moment). This year we went to Tampa to visit a friend and watch the Blues take on the Lightening (hockey). After leaving the Tampa airport we decided to head north to Crystal River to spot the famous manatees. Oh boy did we see some! February is the perfect time to go manatee spotting, they come north to swim in the warm spring water at Three Sisters Springs Park. We probably saw at least 50 sea cows grazing in the clear blue water that day.

Manatees in Crystal River FL
Those grey objects that look like smooth rocks are manatees.

I attended my first blogging event

In March, I went to the Women in Travel Summit in Irvine, California. As a newbie blogger I had hopes that this would help me with my blog goals for the year. I found some of the sessions relevant and enjoyed meeting other women travel bloggers, however there were times when it felt like the presentations were common sense and I would rather have had a nap in my hotel room. I hope WITS’17 will have more tools and real life examples of how to create and maintain a successful brand and blog.

Meg from Her Fine Mess and I goofing around at WITS’16.

Got bit in the vagina by a deer in Japan

Pics or it didn’t happen? Well here you go. I am a sucker for all things animal related so naturally I needed to go to Nara, Japan to feed the sacred deer.

Nara Deer Bite

Then there was that birdseye view of Medellin, Colombia

Things to know about me: I am not a fan of heights. So, running off a cliff and letting the wind take me away is not on my bucket list. But, I am easily persuaded by price and stunning views. Paragliding in Medellin for 30 minutes only cost around $25. So I did it. Did I love it? No. Were the views worth my $25? Yes. When asked by the guide if I wanted to do tricks, did I say yes? Hell, no. Colombia is the “it” destination, it is not hard to see why.

Paragliding Medellin

Let’s not forget about that one time at adult summer camp

I went to summer camp for adults. There were games, arts and crafts, singalongs, and of course booze.

Tug of war - Camp Play Mile High

I drank all the beer at Oktoberfest

Colorado is the place to be in September. Almost every city has its own version of Oktoberfest. What’s better than sausages, lederhosen, and some beer? Prost!

Oktoberfest 2016

Bought tickets to see Anthony Bourdain

Tony doesn’t know it yet, or know me, but I am going to be his future ex-wife. When I saw tickets were on sale for his book tour I quickly got out my credit card, booked a flight to St. Louis to see him, and bought two tickets. As luck would have it, the day before my flight I got strep throat and had to cancel. Reluctantly, I gave the tickets to a friend in St. Louis. I sat on my couch all weekend watching reruns of No Reservations, it’s almost like I was there…right?

Took a ferry to Tallinn, Estonia

Before heading to Tallinn, I have never been on a ferry. The ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn is just over two hours and it’s like a mini cruise. I am not a fan of cruises because I feel stuck and they are kind of kitschy. However, I don’t mind a two hour cruise. The ferry had it all; multiple restaurants, a bar, a live band, slot machines, and duty free shopping.

Tallinn XMas Market
Tallinn Christmas Market

I had another encounter with deer, but this time in Finland

What do you do in Finland in November? Feed reindeer of course! Guess what? Reindeer don’t really like people unless you have moss. They love moss. Once you are out of moss the reindeer peace out as well.

Reindeer Finland

Russia welcomed me with open arms

The process of getting into Russia is a pain in the butt. Hassle aside, once I finally made it into the country I loved it. Mostly, for it’s vodka but also for the architecture and history.

Russia 2016
St. Petersburg, Russia

Wrapping up 2016 in my hometown

You can find me in St. Louie (hopefully you have that Nelly tune stuck in your head for the rest of the day)…where I will stuff my face with the best soft pretzels from Gus’s, drink all the crappy (but oh so delicious) Bud Light beer, watch the Blues (my favorite hockey team) kick butt during the Winter Classic, and be thankful I love that I live in Colorado, a state that has over 300 days of sunshine a year.

What will 2017 bring Kitty to City?

I have no fucking idea and I’m fine with it. I am not a planner, I am a go by the seat of my pantser. Stick around, I can’t promise you I know what I am doing but I can promise more shenanigans, travel, and hopefully some laughter along the way.

Cheers to 2017, let’s kick its ass!


Kitty to City's First Annual Holiday Letter

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  1. Wow, what a look back, what a year. Glad to read that you experienced so many great things, even such weird things with deers from Japan 🙂
    I heard from many ppl how 2016 sucked for them but also for us it was so far the best year at all. Thank you for spreading and sharing your positiveness and hopefully you inspire many more people with this. Always happy traveling, Birdie & Hendrik 🙂

  2. Wonderful! Don’t know about others but you certainly have inspired me with this blog post. but also gave a good laugh with your deers from Japan story. Thanks for sharing this post, It is such a wonderful one! Cheers.

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