Top 5 Activities With a View in Colombia

COLOMBIAIt is easy to see why Colombia is quickly becoming a hot destination; the affordability, the diverse landscapes (mountains, rain forests, deserts, and beaches), and the culture. Let’s not forget the safety factor; Colombia is becoming ever safer to be a tourist.

Here are my top 5 activities with a view to inspire you to travel to Colombia:

1. Paragliding in Medellín

If you are going to Medellín and you want to pee your pants a tad, go paragliding. Ok, so you might not pee (that is probably just me). You will however get a stunning view of the city and surrounding countryside. Medellín is picturesque while on foot, imagine what it looks like from a bird’s eye view.

Paragliding Medellin - Colombia

There are countless Paragliding tour providers. Depending on your guide they may pick you up from your accommodation or you might have to meet them at their outpost. I flew with Dragon Fly Parapente. They were excellent!

Medellin - Colombia

Tip: Since paragliding is basically you running off the side of a mountain it takes a good hour to get to their outposts from the center of town, this activity will take at least half of a day.

2. Climb the Rock at Guatapé

This might have been my favorite thing I did in Colombia (aside from drinking all the Micheladas). Guatapé is about an 1.5-2 hour bus ride from Medellin.

La Piedra is one of the tallest monoliths in the world. According to the signs at Guatapé it is the 2nd tallest, according to a few Google searches it is around the 11th. Doesn’t really matter where it falls, all that matters are the stunning 360 degree views you get from the top; this is after you hike your ass up 740 steps.

La Piedra in Guatape - Colombia
The rock!

The burn is worth it, once you reach the summit enjoy looking out over the countryside and Guatapé Lake. There are souvenir shops on top and most importantly a place to grab food and drinks (and when I mean drinks I mean Micheladas, because they are delicious).

Guatape, Colombia
That view.

Tip: There are several tours that go from Medellin to Guatapé for around $60 with lunch. Screw that. You can take the bus for 14,000 COP (That is around $3 folks!) and then grab a tasty lunch for under $7 in town.

3. Convento De La Popa, Cartagena

Sitting on the highest hill in Cartagena is the city’s most visited site – Convento De La Popa. It is most visited for a reason – THE VIEWS! The monastery itself is interesting, and the courtyard with budding flowers is picture worthy but what you are really here for is the view.

Convento De Le Popa, Cartagena - Colombia
View of Cartagena

Tip: Make sure you have return transportation! Your taxi will ask if you want them to wait. Yes, you want them to wait.

4. Castillo San Felipe, Cartagena

Similar to Convento De La Popa, you get all the views at Felipe’s Fortress. It is also within walking distance from the walled city.

Castillo San Felipe - Cartagena
The castle
Castillo San Felipe, Cartagena - Colombia
Sunset of Cartagena

Tip: Go around closing time (5PMish) for less crowds and to catch the sunset over the city.

5. Boat Ride to the Rosario Islands

I love a good boat ride. The hour(ish) ride from the main dock in Cartagena to the beaches of the Rosario islands is relaxing and has waterfront views of the city and surrounding islands. Several tour operators offer day trips to the local beaches.

Main boat dock in Cartagena - Colombia
View from the main dock in Cartagena

Go to Colombia! This country has views that will make your jaw drop.

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