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I’m Katie Francis. You can find me persuading friends to pack their travel bags, day-dreaming about my next adventure, or Googling cheap flights. Adventuring is my passion.

I’ve always wanted to share my stories and I finally got the balls to start a blog. This blog is intended for anyone who wants to experience the world, laugh at my travel wanderings, learn more about international travel, and get tips and ideas for your next adventure.

Anytime I go on a trip I think of myself as Indiana Jones (theme song included). What I love about Indy is that he isn’t a superhero. He falls down, gets hurt, and gets back up. You don’t need superpowers to travel the world. I surely don’t have any.  In one of the movies, I don’t remember which one, Indy states: “If you want to be a good archaeologist, you gotta get out of the library.” Same goes for travelling. If you want to really experience another culture, you have to get out of your comfort zone. This is what I aim to do. Follow me in my Silly Bits section and giggle at my tales from my past. Take notes from my Travel Tips section, where I share my recommendations and itineraries.

Why Kitty to City? I’ve been scratching this itch for about 10 years. I’ve partied in Europe, ate bugs in Southeast Asia, and tested my non-existent knowledge of Spanish in Central America. I haven’t been everywhere but it is on my list!

Where did your love of travel come from? My love began in France, a place where every girl dreams of falling in love, a place that has romance written all over it. Maybe the first city that comes to your mind is Paris, the “City of Love”, but my journey started about three hours south of Paris in the spa town of Vichy. My junior year of undergrad I said “See ya Missouri, Bonjour France!” In Vichy I studied International Business and French at University Blaise-Pascal. Originally, I signed up for a semester, but I had such a great time I decided to stay for two. During those ten months I travelled throughout Europe and this where the itch started. I’ve been scratching it ever since.

So, come with me on my adventures, learn with me as I travel, and laugh with me (or at me) along the way!

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