This One Time At Adult Summer Camp

This One Time At Adult Summer Camp

While browsing the internet one day I stumbled across an ad for an adult summer camp. After further investigation, I found out it is sponsored by Play Mile High, a sports and social league in Denver (which I happen to be a member of). All of my childhood memories came flooding back; I was a camp kid.

When I was young I lived and breathed summer camp. April would roll around and camp registration would open, I’d sit down with my BFF and we’d take a look at the catalog to see which programs we wanted to participate for the summer. I couldn’t wait for those four weeks where I’d be away at camp; staying in a-frame tents, having cookouts, hiking around all day, and singing camp songs until the early morning hours. I loved camp so much that I was even a camp counselor at the same camp I attended as a kid.

Throw Back to Camp
Here is a throwback for ya…is that a necklace made out of a tree that I am wearing? Also, this is typical of me, I am incapable of taking a nice picture smiling. No, I have to make a goofy face, glad some things don’t change.

Clearly, I needed to go to adult summer camp. 

The inaugural Camp Play Mile High took place August 26-28 (Friday-Sunday). We all gathered at a park and ride in Denver at 6PM on Friday, loaded the buses, and took the one hour trip to Rocky Mountain Village where we’d spend the weekend being camp kids again.

Off to camp
Not the school buses I was imaging would pick us up.

Highlights From Adult Summer Camp

Making New Friends

Did you go to camp solo as a kid or did you have a buddy? I know I didn’t go solo, that would have been way too intimidating for 12-year-old me. I went solo to adult camp and I wasn’t worried about making friends. With 75+ young adults attending camp I figured I’d bond with at least one person.

Bus Camp

And I did, I found my people. I’m not sure if it was coincidence or if the counselors separated the cabins by age because I found my clique of “older ladies” in my cabin.

*When I say “older” we were the group of women aged 30 and up. There was a wide range of ages at camp, from turning 21 that day to 40s. I’d say the average age was around 25.

Old Lady Camp Group

Also, I’d like to add most of the campers were from Denver and played in one of the many Play Mile High leagues. There were some folks from NYC and Baltimore as well.

Beer, Beer, Beer, and More Beer!

Here is what I love about adult summer camp…THE BOOZE! The event was sponsored by Bud Light, which is my favorite all day drinking beer. I was raised on the stuff. At camp, there was Bud Light and Shocktop everywhere, and similarly to growing up in St. Louis, we had it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was actually easier to find beer than it was to find water.

Wondering how much beer you need for a weekend of adult camp?

Beer Breakdown:

219 cases of beer x 24 (number of cans in each case) = 5256 cans of beer for the weekend

75(ish) campers / 5256 = 70.08 cans of beer per camper

That’s a lot of beer. And I believe some of the counselors had to go on a beer run because we were running low.

Surprisingly, I didn’t notice anyone that got too crazy. Yes, I think it happened. But, everyone acted like adults and put themselves to bed or threw up in the woods.

The Cabins

Who doesn’t love staying in a cabin in the woods with 10 other people? Oh, and there were bunk beds! Yasssss! Let the flashbacks of my childhood continue! I was very adventurous and chose the top bunk. That was silly. I underestimated my strength, my need to pee at random hours in the night, and the focus it takes to climb into a bunk bed after a day of drinking.

Cabin at Camp Play Mile High

Team Bonding

The main point of this adult summer camp was the color war competition. We were broken into groups of ten and given a color to represent for the weekend. I was on the purple team. Each team would be competing in different events throughout the duration of camp to earn points to be the Color War champion.

*Side note – purple did not win but we didn’t come in last either.

Team Purp Nurp

Color War Events

The weekend was packed with all sorts of camp events such as sloshball, volleyball, tug of war, capture the flag, and so on…all of which included some form of drinking.

Tug of war - Camp Play Mile High


Dodgeball - Camp Play Mile High

Volleyball - Camp Play Mile High

Sloshball - Camp Play Mile High

Relay Race - Camp Play Mile High

Arts & Crafts

Ah, good old arts and farts. Any good camp has arts and crafts. As a kid, I loved going to arts and crafts; what can you make out of popsicle sticks, yarn, and glue? I don’t know but it sure did look cool! For Camp Play Mile High we decorated team flags.

Arts & Crafts - Camp Play Mile High

A Movie Under the Stars

I am so thankful for movie night. After a day of drinking, it was nice to relax under the stars while watching one of the best camp movies of all time…HEAVYWEIGHTS! If you aren’t familiar it’s about a camp for overweight boys which is taken over by a psychotic fitness instructor (Ben Stiller) bent on shooting an infomercial on weight loss.

Movie Night - Camp Play Mile High

Dance Parties

After the movie was a glow stick disco. Our DJ (who was there all weekend) set up shop under the pavilion and glow sticks were passed out for a night of more drinking and some dancing.

I am an old bird, my old lady group skipped this event to chill with a box of wine in the cabin. It sounded like everyone down at the disco was having a great time.

Box wine - Camp Play Mile High

Overall Thoughts

Would I do it again? Heck yes, with one stipulation…I’d like to go with a group of my friends. Going solo wasn’t the worst, it’s a little awkward at first but then you just say “F-it”, drink some beer, and let loose. I’d like to go with my friends because they would absolutely love it and it would open more doors at camp to be social. My friends know me. It’s hard to get to know a group of people over one a weekend.

Who is Play Mile High?

“Play Mile High is a Denver-based sports and social club with an emphasis on the SOCIAL. If you’re a casual player looking to get active but tired of those uber-competitive, win-at-all-costs leagues, come check us out! We know the importance of community and creating an environment that’s welcoming, fun and as stress-free as possible.” – Play Mile High 

Play Mile High has a ton of leagues and they play year round. Here is a sampling of their leagues; kickball, volleyball, basketball, flag football, cornhole, soccer, softball…seriously the list goes on. If you are in the Denver area and are looking to make new friends, become more active, and have a few drinks, sign-up for a league. Not in the Denver area, no worries Play Mile High is affiliated with Baltimore Social and NYC Social.

Friends – this is a sponsored post. 

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  1. Hi Katie,

    If beer – especially that much – were served at kid summer camps we’d have enjoyed those week long stays from childhood MUCH more 😉

    Looks like you had a blast.

    I too would need to go with good friends. Doing it solo is OK but with close friends around it’s easy to open up, converse, meet people and bond in larger groups.


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