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Guatemala Travel Tips & 5 Day Itinerary


Lake Atitlan - Guatemala

Not what I was expecting. Here’s the thing with having expectations…they are almost always wrong, but it is impossible to not think about a place, its people and culture. Isn’t that why we travel somewhere? We see a picture, hear a tale, read a book, and that inspires us to go. So somewhere expectations come along.

I like to do my research before jet setting. Some of the research I ran across on Guatemala said it is unsafe; there are kidnappings, muggings at gun point, corrupt cops, ATMs that will steal your information, the list goes on. So, I had my guard up while visiting the country (FYI – you should be aware anywhere where you go). Even though these things are scary to read I was drawn to the country and this wasn’t going to stop me from going. I went, I was careful, and Continue reading