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Four Ways to Embarrass Yourself in Cuba

ays to embarrass yourself in CubaCuba has always intrigued me, as a U.S. citizen travel to the Caribbean island has been off limits for most of my life. Then a few years back some of the restrictions were lifted and I was able to get more exposure to the culture, history, and sites through various news outlets and bloggers.

I decided I needed to go. A childhood friend of mine, Sarah, has been wanting to go on an international trip with me. I suggest Cuba. Flights were booked. Passports were stamped. And we were off, off to explore Cuba and embarrass ourselves along the way.  Continue reading

Sports Tourism – Getting to Know a Country Via its Fans

Sports Tourism - Getting to Know a Country Via Its FansTravel traditions, do you have one? I have a few, such as trying McDonald’s when traveling abroad or going on an annual trip during Thanksgiving break. In addition to those traditions, each year I go on a “sports-themed” trip with my friends. I find it is one the best ways to immerse myself in the local culture. Continue reading

A Sakura Celebration: Viewing the Cherry Blossoms in Japan

A SAKURA Celebration Do you have a birthday tradition? What about a birthday travel tradition? My friend Jared and I are two peas in a pod, we are goofy, love to sing (he is actually really good, me on the other hand….), and love to travel. We share the same birthday, and not just the same date but we are also the same age. Each year we like to celebrate our birthday in a different way; last year we went to Las Vegas, the year before that we celebrated in Denver, Continue reading