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8 Reasons to Choose a Private Game Reserve for Your Next Safari

South Africa has been on my list of countries to visit for many reasons; the culture and history, scenery, wineries, and of course ANIMALS!!! Last November I found a cheap flight to South Africa and squealed with excitement because I knew that this was going to be my chance to go on a safari and see all of the animals from my Wildlife Fact File binder. *Please tell me I am not the only dork that had this book of animals as a kid? Continue reading

Sports Tourism – Getting to Know a Country Via its Fans

Sports Tourism - Getting to Know a Country Via Its FansTravel traditions, do you have one? I have a few, such as trying McDonald’s when traveling abroad or going on an annual trip during Thanksgiving break. In addition to those traditions, each year I go on a “sports-themed” trip with my friends. I find it is one the best ways to immerse myself in the local culture. Continue reading

The Hidden Cost of Travel

The Hidden Cost of Travel

I often don’t think about the “hidden cost” of travel. However, a recent trip to Russia made me second guess my budgeting strategy.

I am the queen of booking cheap flights. I scour the internet daily looking for flights for my next trip (this may not sound entertaining to you but I thoroughly enjoy it). I am also impulsive. When you add these two qualities together you get someone who will book a flight just because it’s an amazing deal. Continue reading