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Sports Tourism – Getting to Know a Country Via its Fans

Sports Tourism - Getting to Know a Country Via Its FansTravel traditions, do you have one? I have a few, such as trying McDonald’s when traveling abroad or going on an annual trip during Thanksgiving break. In addition to those traditions, each year I go on a “sports-themed” trip with my friends. I find it is one the best ways to immerse myself in the local culture. Continue reading

The Hidden Cost of Travel

The Hidden Cost of Travel

I often don’t think about the “hidden cost” of travel. However, a recent trip to Russia made me second guess my budgeting strategy.

I am the queen of booking cheap flights. I scour the internet daily looking for flights for my next trip (this may not sound entertaining to you but I thoroughly enjoy it). I am also impulsive. When you add these two qualities together you get someone who will book a flight just because it’s an amazing deal. Continue reading

4 Ways to Make Friends While Traveling

Travel Friends

Crap, I forgot to schedule my train ticket home and have to sleep in an outdoor train station, who is going to be there to console me? Who is going to remember that great bar I went to in Germany? Or laugh with me when I get picked up by a pair of swingers in Prague? And the biggest question….who am I going to talk to if I get lonely? Continue reading