Drink, Eat, and Repeat – Denver Oktoberfest Review

Denver Oktoberfest

I survived. But barely.

September is one of my favorite months in Colorado, it should be called “Beertember”, there are a ton of activities that revolve around the drink. It seems that every city and town have their own version of Oktoberfest; Denver is no different. The Denver Oktoberfest is held over two weekends in September and brings in a crowd of nearly 300,000 people each year. It is one of the largest Oktoberfests in the U.S. Luckily, I was able to “persuade” a group of my friends to join me in the VIP area at this year’s gig. Let’s get real, the persuading part was not hard all I had to mention was unlimited food and beer.

After getting decked out in my dirndl I met my two dirndl clad friends and we skipped merrily to the VIP booth to pick up our wristbands and swag.

The VIP Experience

Our tickets mentioned VIP was unlimited food and drink in the special VIP area from 11:00-1:00 on the last Saturday of the fest. To get the most out of the “unlimitedness” me and my “German for a Day” friends met at exactly 11:00 AM to get our fill of sausage and beer. I want to be very clear – the point of the VIP ticket in my mind is to drink as much as possible in the given time frame and then soak all the beer up with a wiener or two. I had a drink goal and I was going to hit it.

Well, my drink goal was a fail. There was no way I was going to reach it. The liters of beer were bigger than I remembered and time was running out (as I mentioned our tickets stated VIP was from 11:00-1:00). I thought I could get at least three steins of beer down my throat that two-hour period. No such luck.

As the clock was nearing 1:00 PM people kept pouring into the VIP area, my friends and I were beyond confused. Why would anyone buy VIP tickets to show up 15 minutes before the area closes? About five minutes till 1:00 PM my friend Heather goes to refill her last liter for the day, while at the beer booth she asked a worker what time the VIP section was open until. The worker’s response was “eh, 1:00 or 2:00”. Heather giddily pranced back to our table and let us know the juicy details. In my mind I thought “YES! Another hour to reach my ‘beer goal’. Whoooo!”

2 O’Clock Rolls On By

Here is where it gets even more strange, just like before, 15 minutes till 2:00 more and more VIPers stream in. Now, WTF is going on? Why isn’t the VIP area closing down for the day? Seems like the party is just getting started. It was time for Heather to refill her stein, and again she asked the same question to a worker, “what time is VIP open until?”, the response was the same “eh, 1:00 or 2:00”. However, this time a small was detail added…“AM”.

Heather relayed the news. My expression went from confusion to excitement in a matter of seconds. I no longer needed to chug beer like I was in college. I could actually enjoy my drinks and make a day of watching all the shenanigans happening around me.

I don’t know why we thought the VIP experience only lasted two hours. Did I make it until 1:00 AM? Ha, no. I made it until around 8:00 PM, by 9:00 PM I was snuggled like a bug in my bed.


The VIP Experience was completely worth it, the swag alone paid for the price of the ticket.

The Swag

  • A stein
  • German hat
  • Long-sleeved Denver Oktoberfest t-shirt

Unlimited Beer and Food

Of course this is why I wanted a VIP ticket, there were plenty of types of beer on tap and the food was made fresh every few minutes to keep up with demand.

VIP Porta-Potties

You may not think much of this benefit but believe me having a place to go where you didn’t have to fight the crowds on the main street was heaven.

If you are looking for a fall weekend getaway, I’d recommend heading to Denver for Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is usually the last two weekends in September and it’s a beautiful time to visit Colorado. The Aspen are changing and the crispy fall air moves in.

Want to know everything that happens at the fest? Check out why I think Denver is the next best Oktoberfest compared to Munich.

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