Nara Deer Park – An Honest Review

Nara Deer park

I am a lover of all things animal. They are little boos (whether they are little or not). On a recent trip to Japan I did all of the animal activities but one in particular made me rethink my love of all boos…a trip to Nara Deer Park.

Where the Incident Occurred: Nara Park in Nara, Japan.

Location: About 1 hour ride from Kyoto Station

Nara is known for it’s abundance of deer. Take a stroll through Nara Park and you will encounter hundreds of these “friendly” creatures.

While researching my trip to Japan I knew I had to visit Nara. My travel buddy is not a fan of all things “boo” but I somehow persuaded him that he would love it!

Why are Deer Significant to the Japanese?

Deer are said to be messengers from the Gods and were considered sacred before WWII. Since the war, the deer no longer hold the sacred status but instead are deemed national treasures.

Nara Light Pole with Deer
Light poles with deer

Next Victim Please

Once we arrived in Nara we took a 20 minute walk from the JR Nara station to the park. I immediately scouted out the vendors selling “deer crackers” and quickly bought a bundle, excited to interact with the deer.

Cracker Vendor Nara Park
Jared getting his cracker bundle!

I think the deer know when a new “victim” has bought crackers. I wasn’t but 20 feet away from the vendor when at least five deer perked up their ears and headed my way.

Nara Deer Park Entrance
Do you see their faces? Someone new just bought crackers. They are about to go in for the “kill”.

The deer who arrived first was a feisty little fucker. I gave him a bite of cracker, but he was like those damn goats you feed at petting zoos…they always want more and they are pushy.

Feeding the Deer in Nara Japan

Feisty Bambi was prodding his antler stubs into my side, chewing my purse, and latching on to my shirt with his goobery cracker filled mouth. This guy could see he was getting nowhere with me, so his final move was the vagina bite. Not many people can say they’ve been bitten in the vag by a deer. 

Nara Deer Bite
I’m so fortunate my travel buddy could capture the bite on camera.

*As a side note – I dislike goats. They are not boos. They are disgusting little shits.

Did you know deer have large teeth?

For some reason I thought they would just have gums. Don’t ask me why I thought this, clearly I know nothing about deer anatomy.

Back to those large teeth – The two front teeth look like white chiclets (you know, the gum). The bite didn’t hurt, it was only mildly shocking, I didn’t think deer could be so perverted. The bite was definitely enough for my travel partner to throw his crackers at the deer (while guarding his groin) and call it a day.

Getting Mobbed by Deer
You can see from his face, not into it. However, I am loving the deer mob!

Vagina bite aside, I did enjoy when a deer got scrappy with a toddler, giving the kid a swift buck to the gut. Sorry kid, it was funny. The kids was alright, he got up and fed the other non-aggressive deer crackers.

Nara Deer Park Warning
Guess I should have read the warning sign.

Tips for the Deer Park

  • Crackers cost around 150 Yen.
  • Head into the actual park before feeding the deer, the aggressive ones seem to be closer to the entrances.
  • The crackers are fairly large – to get more bang for your buck by breaking them into chunks instead of feeding the deer the entire cracker.
  • Nara Park is home not only to the large population of deer but also Todaiji, Kofukuji, and the Nara National Museum.

Make a Day of It

  • Spend time roaming around Nara and the various sites within the park.
  • There is a large shopping area where you can buy souvenirs as well as several places to grab a bite to eat.
  • Check out Wata Wata Owl Café if you feel the need to check out more animal boos.

All in all, the deer park was a fun and memorable animal encounter. I can claim the honor of having my honey pot bitten by a deer. However, deer have been pushed to the bottom of my “boo list” (they are now neck and neck with goats).

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