Seven Reasons to Visit Denver in September

Reasons to Visit Denver in September

September is my favorite month to be in Denver. I’ve lived in Colorado for seven years and each year I look forward to September. My weekends are booked with all things fall, the weather begins to turn, and the leaves start to change.

Here are seven reasons to book a trip to Denver this September

Fall Foliage Scenic Drives

Say “fall foliage” three times fast! Did you just try? I bet you did. September is prime leaf viewing time in Colorado. Aspen trees dot the mountainside, locals and tourists take to the road for scenic drives.

Colorado Trail at Kenosha Pass

One of my favorite places to view the changing leaves is Kenosha Pass, a quick 1.5-hour drive from Denver and you will be rewarded with groves of Aspens and mountain views. Start your day early as this is a prime spot to view the changing leaves. Parking fills up by mid-morning and traffic will back up around the entrance.
Colorado Trailhead at Kenosha Pass in Fall

Near Perfect Hiking Weather

Crisp mornings turn into warm afternoons, my favorite weather for hiking. Plus, another way to view the changing leaves. Check out Golden Gate Canyon State Park, located 30 minutes outside of Golden or 45 minutes from Denver, this park offers 12 different hiking trails (all named after a different animal). If you are looking for views drive up to Panoramic Point and take the 2.5-mile Raccoon Trail Loop.

Panoramic Point_Golden Gate Canyon CO


September is beer month in Colorado (that isn’t an actual thing, I just made it up). There are tons of events around the state that celebrate beer. It seems like every town in Colorado celebrates Oktoberfest in some way. My favorites are the Denver Oktoberfest and Breckenridge Oktoberfest. Go grab your lederhosen (or your dirndl) and make your way to Colorado for Oktoberfest.

Colorado Oktoberfest


What? That isn’t me trying to clear my throat. It is the king of all beer fests, the Great American Beer Festival. The fest of all fests. Tickets sell out in minutes. Breweries from all over the country converge in Denver to pour their golden deliciousness to thousands of beer drinkers. Prizes of every kind are given.

GABF Denver

Even celebrities make an appearance, such as Zach Hanson. You know, from the band that sang that MMMBop Song. Yea, I probably just got that song stuck in your head. I loved that song when it came out in the 90’s and a friend of mine is (still) ahuge fan. So being the good person that I am, I waited in line to meet him for her. Side note – The Hanson brother own a brewery in Oklahoma…that’s why he was at the fest.

Zach Hanson GABF

As I said, tickets on the GABF site sell out in minutes. However, there is still a chance to get tickets for the event, Craigslist usually has several for sale or you can even go to the Convention Center the day of and buy some off the street.

*I know I don’t need to tell you this, but be careful when buying tickets from an unauthorized site. 

The lead up to Rocktober…maybe

And what about those Rockies? The Rockies are Denver’s Major League Baseball team. I don’t want to jinx it but I am going to say it…the Rockies might actually make it to the playoffs this year and that is going to make September a whole hell of a lot more exciting. This baseball team hasn’t seen playoffs since 2009, the year I graduated college. Ugh, now I feel old. Sorry Rockies here’s to hoping you make it to Rocktober!Coors Field Denver

Games run through the end of the end of the month (playoffs or not). I recommend grabbing Rooftop tickets for $14. The ticket is for general admission and include $6 in concessions which we all know that will be used for draaanks!

Something new this year

This year I will be attending a Harry Potter Pub Crawl. Whaaaaa?! Harry and I go way back, 20 years or so. I feel like this pub crawl should make the list because dressing up like a wizard and drinking adult potions seems like an awesome time.

Moaning Myrtle Costume
Can you guess which Harry Potter character I am dressed as? 10 Points to your house if you get it right!


Being from St. Louis, growing up I was never into football. It wasn’t our thing (hence the Rams leaving, bye, see ya later, #dontcare). Then, I moved to Colorado and it was all “football this” and “football that”. I felt forced to like the game in order to keep up with Monday morning cooler talk. Flash forward seven years and I am finally a football fan.

Broncos Stadium Denver
September kicks off football season and Colorado knows how to football. While the Broncos may not be the team I always root for, I love Sundays. Everyone is decked out in their favorite team’s gear, sports bars are packed, and the weather is perfect for grilling or catching a game at Sports Authority Field or whatever they are calling it these days.

Pack your bags and grab a cheap flight to Denver (several airlines usually have inexpensive flights to the city). Summer is winding down and the adults are back from summer camp so grab a brew, head to the mountains, and take in all that is fall in the Rockies. 

7 Reasons to Visit Denver in September

14 thoughts on “Seven Reasons to Visit Denver in September”

  1. Ooh, your fall foliage pictures are beautiful – I might have to make a trip just for that!
    (And, P.S. I remember when the Rockies first because a team, so if you want to talk about feeling old!! LOL)

  2. This post has definitely convinced me that September is the time to visit Denver! I’d love to see the beautiful leaves change and do a hike in the nice weather 🙂

  3. Excellent post. Love the pics of the leaves, that would be beautiful. But my favorite, definitely, is Moaning Myrtle! Awesome costume! 🙂 <3

  4. I would love to do some hiking in this Kanosha Pass. Love you fall photos! Have never been in this part of US, but I am sure I will like it.

  5. Oh hell is this a beautiful fall picture!!! I absolutely love it and got convinced to get there only by that one already… And as a german reading about octoberfest… well I think there is nothing to be added 😀

  6. Denver is one of my absolutely favorite cities. I always said that if I ever move back to America it’ll be either Denver or San Diego. I’ve never been during September but it sure looks beautiful!

  7. These all reason really make me more excited to travel in this place. Thanks for sharing that reason, There were originally three different towns with three different names where Denver stands today. This is really nice post Keep sharing.

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