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Guatemala Travel Tips & 5 Day Itinerary


Lake Atitlan - Guatemala

Not what I was expecting. Here’s the thing with having expectations…they are almost always wrong, but it is impossible to not think about a place, its people and culture. Isn’t that why we travel somewhere? We see a picture, hear a tale, read a book, and that inspires us to go. So somewhere expectations come along.

I like to do my research before jet setting. Some of the research I ran across on Guatemala said it is unsafe; there are kidnappings, muggings at gun point, corrupt cops, ATMs that will steal your information, the list goes on. So, I had my guard up while visiting the country (FYI – you should be aware anywhere where you go). Even though these things are scary to read I was drawn to the country and this wasn’t going to stop me from going. I went, I was careful, and Continue reading

Big Corn or Little Corn, Nicaragua?


Little Corn Beach with Hammocks

The Corn Islands are somewhat off the beaten path…but they won’t be for long. This past Thanksgiving I was starting to feel that itch, you know the one, the travel itch. I had 7 whole days to work with, I needed to go somewhere.  Continue reading