Why Kitty?

Hold on, wait. I thought you said your name was Katie? Yep, it is. But, through the years some of my best friends have started calling me Kitty. Probably because I am cute as a button and oh so fluffy. Yea…right. More like foxy and full of sass.

I am not sure which of my friends started the Kitty trend, but I do know when I started embracing it…

My first job out of college I worked at a “customer service center”, that is a glorified name for call center. Here is a snippet from a call I received:

Me: Thank you for calling _ _ _, my name is Katie Francis. How can I help you today?

Caller: Hi Kitty Princess, I need help with _ _ _.

This caller actually thought my name was Kitty Princess! If you say my name fast Kitty Princess and Katie Francis do sound similar. I did nothing to correct the caller. In my head I thought “This is the best! Thank you caller, my day has been made”. When you have a job that is lemons you do anything you can to make it lemonade. Throughout my tenure on the phones I made it my personal mission to have callers call me Kitty instead of Katie. Even meow, I try to recreate the Kitty Princess moment.

And that is Kitty.

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One thought on “Why Kitty?”

  1. That’s hilarious! Well, congratulations on escaping the “Customer Service Center” world. Or should I say the “rat race” if we are sticking with the cat theme here?

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